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Creativ kitchens and BBCentre run a kitchen and cabinet accessory showroom in Stanmore selling high quality custom made joinery. We operate 9 hours a day 6 days per week.The Company has had a green focus for the last decade in whatever area made commercial sense. So when Aeronergy approached us with a proposal to be a green energy user and benefit commercially it was an easy decision to make. Everything is running smoothly and exactly to the predictions. We now power all our LED showroom floodlights, computers, and kitchen equipment through our own solar generation system using all of our power and selling very little to the grid.

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Technology Used

15kW Solar Photovoltaic system

56% reduction in yearly power consumption

A yearly carbon emission reduction of 24.84 Metric tonnes

Solar Modules

60x HT-SAAE 250W Poly crystalline Modules


1 x SMA Sunny Tripower 15000TL

Load profile with 15kW solar PV system
Average daily consumption (with & without solar)

About Aeronergy

Aeronergy specialised in energy efficiency technology and have implemented smart energy solutions to thousands of business all across Australia. Our mission is to deliver innovative power solutions to Australian business.

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