Power Factor Correction

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  • Reduces electricity consumption bills by reducing drawn current and energy used.
  • Reduces or eliminates penalties from utility companies for low power factor.
  • Reduces your buildings carbon emissions by reducing your installed energy demand.
  • Reduces wear and tear on motors and therefore reduces the maintenance and extends lifetime.


  • LED Lighting Features Long Operational Life Time Expectations.
  • LED Lighting Features A Much Better Energy Efficiency.
  • LED Lighting Is Much More Eco-Friendly.
  • Durable Quality - LED Illumination Can Withstand Rough Conditions.
  • Low-Voltage - LED Lighting Can Run on Low-Voltage Power Supply.
  • Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures.

About Aeronergy

Aeronergy specialised in energy efficiency technology and have implemented smart energy solutions to thousands of business all across Australia. Our mission is to deliver innovative power solutions to Australian business.

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